Dental Math

It may not seem like math plays a critical role in dentistry, but as with most everything, math is incredibly important to both the health of patients in the practice & ensuring dentists have the best tools to use.

A Healthy Dose

Dentistry can involve several types of drugs that, if used improperly, can have serious consequences on the health of the patient. Dentists use math to administer a safe amount to each patient & avoid over- or underdosing. They do this by multiplying the base dose per kilogram by the total weight of the patient. The drugs will have the base dosage listed on the container as well as in certain documents the dentist has easy access to.

Measurements of Success

Math plays a role in the procedures performed as well. Particularly, dentists use angles to position their tools & materials properly. For instance, when placing crowns, in addition to looking at dental records that might show a patient’s bite before tooth damage, angles are measured against adjacent teeth to ensure a proper fit.
Angles also play a role even before the dentist sees the patient. Many tools used for teeth cleanings are carefully measured by their manufacturers to make sure they will be as easy as possible to use by the dentist & as comfortable as possible to the patient.
Measurements come into play in almost all restorative work, too, as dentists have to be precise when performing root canals, placing bridges & implants & more. Each tooth needs to fit just right, or future problems may occur.

A Sine of a Healthy Smile

Math also plays a role in cosmetic dentistry. Using measurements of properly proportioned teeth, dentists can extrapolate what veneers, implants & other treatments should be sized to in order to create a beautiful smile. This especially helps when dental records are incomplete as dentists can use other models to aid their judgments.
Dentists can even use math to predict the future! Using previous records compiled by dentists around the world, dentists can predict what the average wear of a tooth will be over the years. This way, as we age, dentists can prepare treatments & preventive care that will help their patients keep their natural teeth in great condition for as long as possible.
All this math at the dentist adds up to healthier teeth, which leads to better overall health & a longer, more enjoyable life.

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