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Many people think of braces as a method of getting straighter teeth, & while that’s true, braces can also help prevent a lot of other dental health issues. Because these dental problems can eventually become expensive to fix, getting braces can actually save you money in the long run. 

Braces Can Help Prevent Tooth Decay

The straight, properly spaced teeth braces can give you are much easier to clean than crooked teeth. When your teeth are properly aligned, there are fewer places where your toothbrush can’t reach that might accumulate bacteria & plaque, which could lead to tooth decay. The same goes for properly spaced teeth: it is much easier to floss teeth that are not too crowded.

Avoiding tooth decay will help you prevent any discomfort, pain or sensitivity. Plus, you’ll be less likely to need costly restorative treatments, such as fillings, crowns or root canals for tooth decay, or even treatments like bridges, implants or dentures for tooth loss. Additionally, keeping your teeth clean helps prevent gum disease, which can result in costly ongoing treatment. 

Braces Can Improve Your Jaw Alignment

Braces are often used to treat misaligned bites, including underbites & overbites. When these alignment issues are left untreated, they can contribute to difficulty chewing, jaw pain & uneven wear on your teeth. Getting braces can help prevent these uncomfortable problems in the future!

Plus, treatments like TMJ therapy for jaw pain or bonding & veneers to address uneven teeth can cost you a lot of money. TMJ therapy isn’t a one-time treatment, so you’d have to keep receiving treatment for years. Veneers can require replacement after 10 years, & dental bonding may only last up to 8 years. By getting braces to help avoid these problems, you can save on these potentially recurrent expenses. 

Other Benefits

Although the financial advantages of braces are clear, there are other benefits as well. Braces can improve your oral health & prevent discomfort, improving the function of your smile. Plus, the cosmetic benefits of straighter teeth & improved facial aesthetics are hard to ignore! 

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