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It’s easy to take your teeth for granted. But if you neglect them, they can end up costing a lot. Let’s take a look at what teeth might be worth from a couple different perspectives & you might just see that there’s immense value in taking the time to care for them regularly.

Baby Teeth

For kids around the world, the value of a tooth is tangible. Children who put their lost teeth under their pillows at night find the teeth replaced by money in the morning. Baby teeth (also called milk teeth) have gained value over the years—now, many children receive as much as $5 per tooth!

Replacing Adult Teeth

For adults, losing teeth isn’t quite as profitable. As an adult, if you lose a tooth you don’t get a visit from the Tooth Fairy with some cash, & you won’t have another tooth come in to take its place, either!

Instead, losing a tooth results in a trip to the dentist, who will likely recommend treatment that includes an implant, crown or bridge—or even dentures if enough teeth are missing. Such treatment to replace teeth can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on your dental insurance & what your specific dentist charges. The result of this work would be some very valuable teeth indeed!

Repairing & Improving Teeth

Not all dental treatment is as extreme or expensive. Tooth decay can lead to tooth loss, but when caught early, the tooth can be fixed with more moderate treatment such as a filling, which is typically more affordable than tooth replacements.

Additionally, cosmetic dentistry, including teeth whitening & aesthetic treatment to straighten teeth, can greatly improve the value of your teeth, both by increasing your confidence & potentially preventing costly dental treatment in the future by making them easier to care for—& providing more incentive to do so.

Maintaining Oral Health

The best way to avoid losing your adult teeth is to keep up with your brushing & flossing at home & make sure you don’t miss your six-month dental appointments. These practices cost a few minutes a day & about an hour or so every six months, but can save a lot of money in the long term by preventing tooth decay that can lead to tooth loss & other dental problems.

Additionally, make sure to replace your toothbrushes every few months & stay stocked on floss & fluoride rinse—the cost of doing so is minimal compared to the cost of replacing or repairing damaged teeth.

Think of It as an Investment

In the end, any time or money spent on your teeth is an investment. You need strong, healthy teeth to be able to eat the foods that will keep you healthy overall. Plus, a clean, bright smile does wonders for your confidence, no matter what age you are!

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