Sometimes, there just isn’t time to get a great new smile, but these treatments can provide great, fast solutions to get your mouth ready for a big event that’s coming up fast.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can be done at the dentist with noticeable results in just one visit. Dentists have the access & know-how to use stronger whitening agents that lighten your teeth several shades. A quick consult with your dentist will show you what results are achievable & what range would look most natural for you. Afterward, you can keep up on your white smile with a take-home kit.


Bonding can be used to fix unwanted chips & minor damage to teeth, giving them a more even look. Bonding can typically be done in one visit & is non-invasive, meaning there’s practically no recovery time!

Same-Day Emergency Care

You’re on your way to a big family reunion, but it’s 6 hours away, so naturally you stop to get a bite to eat, but you’re in a rush so you pick something sketchy from a dusty corner store with no sign. On the first bite, something hard cracks into that tooth you’ve been favoring for months & what was manageable is now a constant distracting pain.
Thankfully, many dentists offer same-day care & accept walk-in patients. Many restorative treatments can be done in one day using the latest advances in dental technology. Fillings & crowns can be set with little wait time & with no reduction in quality. Some dentists keep a chair open for emergencies so their patients don’t have to wait in pain.
No matter what you’re looking to improve or fix about your smile, there are many options to get it done in time for your next big plan. Just remember to have a conversation with your dentist first so they clearly understand what you need & all your questions are answered.

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