Smiling woman with gum and breath mints

Many people use breath mints to keep their breath fresh throughout the day, but did you know that breath mints can actually contribute to tooth decay? 

Why Breath Mints Can Be Bad for Your Teeth

Breath mints may make your breath smell better temporarily, but ultimately they do not address the cause of bad breath—they only mask the problem! 

Plus, it’s important to remember that even many “sugar-free” mints are made up mostly of sugar. Because mints are so small, the total amount of sugar in one mint is low enough that they can be called “sugar-free,” even though they’re over 90% sugar! Because breath mints only temporarily help with bad breath, many people are tempted to have multiple mints, which can lead to prolonged exposure to the sugar in the mints. 

This prolonged exposure to the sugar found in mints ends up feeding the bacteria in your mouth, which can cause cavities & tooth decay. 

What Else Can I Do to Freshen My Breath?

The best way to freshen your breath during the day is to brush your teeth after eating. Because that can be difficult or inconvenient to do in the middle of the day, another solution is to drink a glass of water after eating. The water will help flush away food particles & some bacteria & help protect your teeth, in addition to keeping you healthy & hydrated! 

If you’re still looking for that refreshing minty flavor, try finding gum that’s made with Xylitol, which can help prevent cavities. Truly sugar-free gum can help rid your mouth of food particles & bacteria, & even strengthen your enamel!

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